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About Us

31 Years and Going Strong

Yorkshire Storage Equipment Co. Ltd is now in its 31st year.

We specialise in assisting organisations maximise their space and profitability by designing and installing solutions that use the very latest in shelving and pallet racking, office and industrial partitioning, mezzanine floors and ceilings, office furniture and workplace products.

See below for descriptions of the types of racking we specialise in:

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking or Standard Pallet Racking (Also known as APR)

The most common system for palletised loads. Huge range of sizes and easily adjustable to handle many types of products/pallets needing to be stored.

Low set-up costs – No special building requirements or specialised handling equipment needed.
Commonly designed to suit customer’s existing handling equipment; separated by wide aisles single or double sided runs of pallet racking allow standard fork lifts to be used.
Many accessories complete the pallet racking package allowing the safe and efficient storage of many items.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Adjustable Pallet Racking uses the same components as wide aisle racking, the aisles are narrower and regularly much higher, giving many more pallets stored in the same floor space.
Access is via articulated or specialist trucks guided by a floor wire or guide rails.

Good Quality Used Pallet Racking

We sell and buy quality used and second hand pallet racking. If you need to match your existing used pallet racking, we aim to stock of as many makes as we can, including:
HiLo Premier Rack, Dexion Speedlock, Link 51, Link 68, Redirack SD, Redirack HD, Planned Storage M series, Planned Storage P85, HiLo Rackplan, Dexion P90, Dexion P100, Dexion P120, Stow, Polypal, Apex, SSI Schaefer, Sperrin, Provost, Mecalux, Eurorack, Finspa, Symo, Arestant, Constructor Group

Drive-in Pallet Racking

A high density system, utilising standard lift trucks driving into a block of racking bays with the pallets being stored on skids.
The first pallet in is the last pallet out (unless the ‘drive-through’ option is used).So used where a small number of product lines are stored.
Also used for ‘marshalling’ of large quantities of the same product before onward shipping.

Push Back Pallet Racking

This pallet racking system is also a first in, last out storage system with access  from the front.

Another very dense system using standard fork lift trucks. Pallets are stored 3 to 4 deep on moving carriers, when a new pallet is loaded at the front the others are pushed back and vice versa.

Pallet Live Storage

A pallet storage system with high density giving excellent stock rotation with first in first out (FIFO) stock rotation.
Standard fork trucks are used to load at the rear face, pallets are stored on roller tracks gently sloping frontwards. When the pallet is removed from the front output face the rest roll down.

Mobile Pallet Racking

Often used in cold stores this is an extremely high density system. Each run is mounted on a mobile base and moved along rails to open up the retrieval aisle, so only one aisle is needed to access many runs of pallet racking. .

All Pallet Racking Makes Available

We offer pallet racking from all the major manufacturers, including:
Redirack, Stow, Polypal, Apex, Link, Planned Storage, HiLo, Dexion, SSI Schaefer, Eurorack, Finspa, Mecalux, Sperrin, Provost, Symo, Arestant, Constructor Group.

Our catalogue and web site provide access to an extensive product range, ever increasing and providing thousands of value for money solutions.

Part of a group of companies, including Astirvant Limited, our combined buying power offers not only reduced prices but access to products from many of the largest European manufacturers of storage systems and work place equipment, including products in the following categories :-

Industrial Partitioning and Mezzanine Floors
Pallet Racking
Longspan/shortspan/widespan shelving
Office and archive shelving
Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking
Industrial Storage Equipment
Wide range of materials Handling Equipment
Garment Hanging Systems
Motor / Small Parts Storage
Plastic Containers
Office Furniture
Van Storage Kits

Below is a snapshot of the customers, products and services YSE have supplied:

Linbins small plastc containers to NHS Hospital Leeds
Linspace Shelving Aerospace Manufacturer Yorkshire
Unirack Shelving Electrical wholesaler Leeds
Mobile Shelving Retailer London
Mobile Shelving NHS Hospital Keighley
Mobile Shelving Retailer Belfast
Mezzanine Floor Food Importer Bradford
Pallet Racking Clothing Importer Leeds
Steel Partitioning Aerospace manufacturer Sheffield
Mesh enclosure / cage Aerospace manufacturer Sheffield
Office Shelving Financial Services Leeds
Mezzanine and Office Refurbishment Energy Supplier Wakefield
Used Pallet Racking Print Finishers Leeds West Yorkshire
Office Seating Card Wholesaler Wakefield
Gravity Conveyors Domestic Ventilation Manufacturer Harrogate
Second Hand Shelving Ceramic Wholesaler Leeds
Warehouse Racking PPE Wholesaler Manchester
Workbenches Hospital Wakefield
Bolt Free Shelving Retailer Manchester
Garment Hanging Racking Sports Retailer Birmingham
Trolleys Plumbing Manufacturer Doncaster
Cupboards University of Leeds
Medical Records Shelving Bradford Royal Hospital
Archive Shelving Engineering Consultancy Chesterfield
Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Ceramics Importer Yorkshire
Outdoor Galvanised Pallet Racking Construction Supplier Leeds
Adjustable bolt free Shelving Lighting manufacturer Leeds

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