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Yorkshire Storage Launches new website

Date Added 25/08/2016

August saw the launch of our brand new website, featuring thousands of essential items for the workplace.

From Heavy duty wareouse shelving and pallet racking, to products such as kick steps, office desks, grit bins cycle shelters and matting.

10 New Categories to help you get to the right product ASAP


Warehouse Shelving, Longspan Racking and modular clad shelving units suit the warehouse, factory or stores environment, whilst our bolted shelving, bolt free shelving and wall mounted shelving organise the office. Our multipurpose chrome wire shelving is used in all environments including food and hygiene areas.


Shelving & Racking - from office shelving and archive shelving to industrial shelving, store room racking and warehouse racking. We also feature chrome shelving, garment racking, bar racks, sheet racks and cantilever storage racking.

Storage Containers & Bins

All types of Plastic boxes from Euro containers to open fronted linbins, containers with attached lids, shelf trays and cupboards and shelving complete with bins.

Workshop & Workbenches

From high end adjustable height workbenches and heavy duty engineers workbenches we have light duty workbenches and computer workstations to complete the package.

Pallet Handling

Store things with pallets, pallet boxes. pallet cages an pallet collars. Then Move them with our rangs of pallet trucks, pallet stackers, pallet lifters and scissor lift tables.

Trucks & Trolleys

A huge range of hand trucks and trolleys to help you reduce the strain of manual handling. Shelf trolleys, platform trucks, sack trucks etc are all for general use, whilst specific tasks are catered for with drum trucks, picking trolleys, security cages and roll cages for example.


Probably the largest selection of lockers in the UK. From general purpose steel clothes lockers to plastic lockers for wet areas. Specilist lockers include police lockers, uniform lockers, garment lockers, whilst compartment lockers enable storage for one to 6 people or more. Lap top charging lockers and tool charging lockers are now becoming popular for the safe storage of expensive equipment, whilst charging them up.

Steps & Ladders

From access towers to podium ladders for maintenance to kick steps and folding step ladders for office use. We also have an extensive range of mobile safety steps for warehouse and factory use.

Workplace Products

A collection of items to provide solutions for all your workplace equipment needs.

Cycle shelters, smoking shelters, wheelie bins, grit bins, drum storage and gas cylinder cages etc all cater for the outside of premises. Barriers, first aid kits, office furniture & chairs, matting & flooring, canteen furniture and waste bins keep your interior in trim.

Yorkshire Storage Launches new website